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They are huge stores although in reality we must look at them as large product search engines where we must create new pages and content for our products.

The positioning that we have achieved with our website on the Internet today is useless: in the Marketplaces we have to create new spaces in their platforms and do it while understanding how their algorithms work. In Brainy Commerce we study and understand how these algorithms work and we do the work for you.

Register your Brand

We help you

These large Internet shopping malls are a meeting point for brand-owning manufacturers and distributors. If you are a brand owner, this is where to start.

Registering your brand in the Marketplace database will give you sales in several aspects that distributors do not have. Ask us about the ABR or Amazon Brand Registry or the process of registering brands in Aliexpress or Mercado Libre.


SEO in

We know and handle all the variables of SEO in Marketplaces, an activity even more profitable in variables than SEO in general search engines when trying to position products within a store.

We will take care of the relevance of the texts based on an exhaustive study of the product’s keywords, both from the manufacturer’s and the consumer’s perspective.

We will keep prices aligned with the category, we will make sure that the product is always available and suffers the least possible stock breaks (or, better yet, none at all).

We will advise you on the best logistics model, take care of the reviews, as well as comply with the Marketplace recommendations on images on the detail page, we will develop, with you, the best content spaces via Stores (stores within the Marketplace itself) and enriched content.

SEO on Amazon:
From A9 to A10

We are aware of algorithm updates and we adapt our strategy to them in order to continuously improve the average position of your products, always aiming for the first page.

As in the case of Amazon that has made in 2021 an upgrade of its algorithm, called until now A9, whose name has its origin in the name of the company of the Amazon group that developed it, and that now “unofficially” is being called A10.

This upgrade takes into account all the variables described in the previous section and, therefore, does not alter the factors considered to establish the ranking, but places special emphasis on the organic traffic generated by the product detail page to the disadvantage of the excessive weight of advertising as a precursor of the visit.

Stores and Enriched Content

ROPO - PORO or the power of Amazon's prescription to physical channels

In a study conducted in the United States before the pandemic by the consulting firm Feedvisor to find out the behavior of consumers who bought on Amazon, highlights not only the power of Amazon as an online sales channel but also its enormous and growing ability to prescribe sales to traditional physical sales channels.

The acronym RO-PO stands for “Research Online and Purchase Offline“, i.e. when the customer researches online but ends up buying in the physical store. Where do they start searching online for new products and checking their prices and reviews?

67% say they start their online search on Amazon, leaving general search engines and other options such as the brand’s own website far behind.

And if we turn it around, we would be in the PO-RO, that is, “Purchase Online and Research Offline“, which leads us to: when the customer is informed in physical stores and ends up buying online, which website does he go to first?

And here a devastating 73% said, before the pandemic, to go to Amazon before any other website.

In other words, whether we think of Marketplaces,especially Amazon, as a place to boost our sales or whether we are aware that consumers can search for products in our category directly on Amazon and have no opportunity to find our website, we must take care of the presence of our brand, content and products in the Marketplaces..

Stores or Stores

In Brainy Commerce we have been developing this type of web spaces in Marketplaces for many years, having worked for important brands in very different sectors such as DAMM, Navidul, OPI, among others.

Ask us for more examples and for the characteristics that a store in Amazon, Aliexpress or Mercadolibre must have and how to use it as a marketing tool to boost sales in Marketplaces and in your traditional physical distribution.

Enriched Content

Marketplaces are increasingly allowing and even encouraging brands to develop extra content on their product pages. In the case of Amazon, this is called A+ content.

A+ contents improve the organic positioning and offer the possibility to better advise the customer to make a good purchase decision as well as to discover and propose the purchase of other products of the same brand.

You can see some examples of work developed in Brainy Commerce in brands such as: Vermouth Izaguirre, Gin Martin Millers, Salki, Elvie and Dcoop among others.

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