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What does it offer us?

We are able to elaborate tracking reports of the behavior of these subcategories or aisles.

With these reports we can contextualize the performance of your strategy and your seller and advertiser accounts in the Marketplace and compare it with what the rest of your competitors’ products are achieving.

Detailed information

You will have access to detailed information about the best-selling products, their brands, price variations, their sellers, sales estimates, reputation and in general the most important characteristics that influence the positioning of the best-selling products.

Ask for a detailed study of your category, either as a screen shot of a given week or by activating the constant monitoring of the aisles of the Marketplaces in which your products compete. We can perform these customized studies in any Marketplace in the world.

You can also check in the following list if we are already monitoring the aisle you are interested in and access our quarterly reports or even ask us for access to the whole database we are generating and make your own reports.

Baip Reporting Market

Ask us about the market insights we have obtained or ask us for data on your category if it is not among the current ones.

We are currently monitoring and extracting data from different sections and aisles in, starting with categories such as:

Would you like us to analyse a particular category and produce a customised report for you?

You can ask us for a detailed study of a very broad category or a very specific aisle, either as a snapshot in a given week or by activating continuous tracking of the Amazon aisles in which your products compete. We can produce this customised report for any marketplace or country where Amazon is present.
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