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In Brainy Commerce we take care of everything, you will find in us a fully specialized team that will take care of most of the operation. No matter which marketplace strategy best suits your brand and catalog, we take care of everything on your behalf, reducing the work and noise by 80%.

Whether the strategy is local or international

In one marketplace or in several, under one model or another, retail (1P), marketplace (3P) or hybrid channel management (1P+3P)… In the platforms with the greatest global reach or also platforms with much local beneftis (such as Amazon Fresh).

Areas of

We always keep our customers’ catalog up to date, ready to sell and their seller accounts free of penalties and problems!

You can leave in the hands of your retail management team of Marketplaces in Brainy Commerce everything related to the management of your accounts, the resolution of incidents, the updating of your catalog, the reputation of your products through consumer reviews, the management of orders and stocks, the calculation and monitoring of logistics costs… Everything, yes, except taking care of orders and managing stock periodically.

You will also be up to date with all the promotional options, with their pros and cons, that the Marketplaces put at your disposal to improve the conversion of a visit to your product page for sale. Both day-to-day and special sale days such as Black Friday, Singles Day or Prime Day.

OKRs Methodology

OKRs or Objectives and Key Results are a different way of how to structure our objectives. A framework with tools and best practices to manage our goals.

For the beginning of the project we will have a Kick Off session to get to know in detail both your products and the objectives that you as a company have for this project. We will ask you many questions. All with a single objective, to know yours.

The OKRs will allow us to define a shared and consistent path towards success and achievement of the objectives, providing clarity, transparency, focus, alignment, structure and everything always informed by data.

We will establish an efficient collaboration with your sales, marketing, digital, administration, operations and logistics teams. We will integrate as team members in pursuit of the defined objectives and following the metrics that will tell us whether or not we are on the right track.

Data and Market Insights

BAIP, Brainy Commerce’s business intelligence platform, will let the data be our guide.

Your team at Brainy Commerce will be analyzing your account information on an ongoing basis and we will notice the help of technology with the progressive arrival of predictive modeling algorithms in BAIP.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

You will be able to access BAIP whenever you want through your user account and password, in addition, you will have a detailed and clear periodic reports from the team responsible for your account.

Amazon Ads Verified Partner & Service Provider Network

Our certifications endorse the quality of our services by successfully helping our clients to sell on Amazon in order to achieve their business goals.

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Marketplaces Specialists
Marketplaces specialists
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