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In which countries is Amazon present?

The American giant closed 2021 with 19 local Marketplaces: Germany (, Australia (, Brazil (, Canada (, Egypt (, United Arab Emirates (, Spain (, United States(, France (, Netherlands (, India (, Italy (, Japan (, Mexico (, Poland (, United Kingdom (, Sweden (, Singapore (, Turkey (

Amazon's regions

Where its leadership particularly stands out is in the United States and Europe. Such is the strength of these two regions that Amazon internally organizes its structure into three major business areas:

United States

EU 5

The 5 European countries with the largest business, which are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

International Expansion

Where it includes all the other markets in which it is present.

The Audience in Europe is Immense

and still growing!

The growth in Europe is exponential and was especially accentuated by the effect of the pandemic. These are the audience and penetration figures over the total digital population that, according to Comscore, were harvested in December 2021.

%Reach (Total digital population)

Unique users month (000)

Source: Comscore December 2021

It is estimated that across Europe, Amazon’s coverage may already exceed more than 170 million consumers.

In the United States, its monthly audience exceeds 111 million users and reaches 70% of online shoppers.

In Mexico they are already the 2nd Marketplace, behind Mercado Libre, and everything seems to indicate that we will soon see their development in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Argentina or Chile.

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There are different ways to sell on Amazon and depending on the role and strategy you choose, sales growth and profitability will be higher or lower.

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Digitally Native Brands (DNBs)

Launch own brands exclusively in the digital channel, specifically on Amazon, and then conquer traditional channels.

Amazon Private Brands

Become a supplier of Amazon Private Brands.

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