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Strategy and Sales Funnel

If you want to be successful selling on Marketplaces it is essential to plan the strategy that best suits our company, brand and catalog. It is as important as knowing and implementing the recommended sales funnel.

In Brainy Commerce we manage the Amazon sales funnel as the basis of all our clients’ strategy. Thel Amazon Advertising Playbook.

Ready to Sell: we will do all the necessary work so that your brand and catalog are perfectly registered and we will keep them always updated and without incidents so that everything is “ecommerce ready”.

2. Collect your demand: brands already have a demand generated in other channels and in their history of relationship with their consumers when they enter to sell in Marketplaces. We will make sure that when a consumer searches for you, they will find you and your brand, avoiding attacks from your competitors as much as possible.

3. Control your aisle: it is time to compete in your category or aisle. We will deploy communication strategies to gain share and be available when the consumer is thinking of switching brands.

The biggest and first challenge is to remain active and competitive at all times. In these first steps, we will help you achieve this 24/7 and 365 days a year.

From here, we will implement strategies to:

4. Maximize purchase intent.

5. Build new customer loyalty.

6. Nurture the funnel.

We help you in your strategy

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The Secret is in the Data

With our data and business intelligence platform BAIP, we can access all the relevant data to know the real situation of the operation and how to work to improve it.

Thanks to a continual audit of the accounts of both seller and advertiser, knowing how to relate the data of each of them, we can establish the appropriate and customized funnel for your products.

Not only will we establish a different growth strategy for each sector and brand, but we will also define an action plan for each product in your catalog.

The data will show us that the decision tree for each product is different and that the decision making and actions must be at that level.

Sponsored Links Platforms

Tanto Amazon como Mercado Libre cuentan con plataformas de enlaces patrocinados cada día más desarrolladas.Both Amazon and Mercado Libre have more and more developed sponsored links platforms. In Brainy Commece we work every day to be fully updated on them by making available to our customers all our knowledge, multiplatform and multisectorial learning.

Amazon Ads

We are certified specialists in Amazon’s advertising platform.

We handle all the tools, formats and segmentations with expertise to make them available to our customers.

  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Display

Advertising and driving traffic to each product via the creativity of your detail page, the branded Store or using video clips specially designed to convert to sales.

We know that sellers on Amazon become advertisers to sell. We manage and optimize our clients’ campaigns on Amazon maximizing their investment in search of maximum coverage on their target audience, with the goal of achieving the maximum number of sales at the lowest possible cost.

You can see here all our

Recognitions and certifications

Mercado Ads

This is Mercado Libre’s advertising platform.

It allows to offer relevant products to millions of Mercado Libre shoppers who enter every day to discover and compare new shopping options.

A platform that offers a high effectiveness to its advertisers thanks to its branding and performance solutions for the entire buying journey where objectivity prevails thanks to the insights that only an ecommerce can offer.

  • Trade Marketing
  • Audience Display Native
  • Performance

We increase your sales in Mercado Libre thanks to its Product Ads.

Amazon Ads Verified Partner & Service Provider Network

Our certifications endorse the quality of our services by successfully helping our clients to sell on Amazon in order to achieve their business goals.

See official certificates
Marketplaces Specialists
Marketplaces specialists
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