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Countries and Audiences in Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is already present in 18 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay and Venezuela.

It is estimated that the aggregate monthly audience (unique users) of all Mercado Libre’s local Marketplaces exceeds 60 million buyers.

Its main market is Brazil, followed closely by Mexico and Argentina.

Mercado Libre Models and Services

After more than twenty years of development, Mercado Libre makes available to its sellers and customers a complete range of business models and services.

Mercado Libre Marketplace:

• Retail or 1P: we can sell you our product at a transfer price and Mercado Libre sells and delivers it at a retail price to the end consumer.

•Third Party or 3P: model where we offer our product for sale and Mercado Libre commissions between 14% and 18% of the sale.

Mercado Payment:

Mercado Libre’s payment method is the number one Fintech in Latin America, where different types of financial products are offered to sellers.

Mercado Shipping:

Mercado Libre’s logistics solution that allows you to optimize your deliveries. With Mercado Shipments, all your packages are protected and, if something happens to them in the course of delivery, seller and buyer have Mercado Libre’s support.

Mercado Shops:

Mercado Libre also offers manufacturers and brands a platform to be able to turn their websites into transactional.

Mercado Ads:

This is Mercado Libre’s advertising tool. With it you can create campaigns, reach new buyers and have information (such as sales, visits, income and investment) to measure the results. It is a very important tool given the marketplace’s growing database of products.

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