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In which countries is Aliexpress present?

Aliexpress is already present in more than 200 countries and its app is available in 18 different languages. Spain is positioned as the third most important market, only second to Russia and the United States, and serves as a testing and expansion platform for its operations throughout Europe.

During the celebration of the main shopping day in the East, Singles Day or 11.11, sales achieved in Spain were only surpassed by those achieved in the United States.

Its landing in Latin America is also very remarkable, having already positioned itself in the Top 3 of online retailers’ audience in Mexico, together with Mercado Libre and Amazon

It is estimated that Aliexpress is already reaching an audience of around 170 million monthly users.

Aliexpress Local Deals

Although the real advantage of Aliexpress lies in products manufactured in China, they also develop an important marketing effort in local markets both through the implementation of local product shopping areas as well as through the signing of collaboration agreements with leading logistics providers and traditional retailers in each country.

In Spain, for example, they have developed A downloading of information from seller and advertiser accounts, achieving its optimal visualization in clear business dashboards and preventing it from getting lost.

Sales Tracking

AliExpress has in its DNA the spirit of intermediation (the same as its B2B commerce parent Alibaba). This means that it is a platform available for companies to sell their products through. Therefore, there is no possibility to sell our products on the Marketplace.

Its 100% Marketplace model is very competitive in price when compared to Amazon’s, charging no fixed costs or commissions for opening and maintaining an account, with commissions on sales ranging from 5 to 8%.

The Promotions

in AliExpress

From Brainy Commerce we know and manage the techniques to promote traffic and sales on AliExpress.

It is a very promotional Marketplace where product testing via Freebies and knowing how to use its Coins and Coupons tools are essential to make yourself known and achieve higher sales conversion.

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